Healthcare Projects

Electronic Medical Records System

Emergent.MD is an easy-to-use, full-featured, state-of-the-art Electronic Medical Records System. It works with just about any practice. It interfaces with your existing Practice Management System. And, we’ll tailor it to fit your unique workflow requirements. It will improve efficiency and save money for your practice. Continue reading

Vital Alerts Plus

TeleCare Connex is a completely integrated telemonitoring solution that includes wireless mobile devices for remote vital sign collection, and a web application for technicians and monitors to setup, enroll, and actively or passively track patient status and provide health information accordingly. This helps to reduce hospititalizations, promote good health with its participants and saves money. Continue reading

Acute Care Response System

Our Acute Care Response System is an integrated mobile solution for efficient, organized and well informed stroke and cardiac incident response. It coordinates hospitals, emergency services, teams of specialists and support staff as an acute care incident unfolds. With this system, patients are more likely to get to the best suited hospital where well informed response teams have been kept up-to-date with patient status and are ready to perform. The goal is to improve patient outcomes while limiting the liability of hospitals and doctors. Continue reading