Custom Software

Custom Software

Dictation Notepad

Dictation Notepad is a simple app for dictating and sending notes using an android powered device. It leverages speech recognition technology to accurately transform speech to text and it allows formatting and editing of the text using voice commands. The audio is recorded and encoded to a small file size and saved along with the text. The text (in html html format) and audio can be configured to send to variety of destination protocols (SMTP, FTP/S, HTTP/S) with a user specified host. Continue reading

Document Scanning Tools

Scan and transmit paper documents with ease. This software provides an easy way to scan and organize paper documents and send them electronically to a variety of configurable destinations including HL7, FTPS, HTTPS, CIFS and more. Continue reading

Document Managment System

Very easily scan and store all of your paper documents securely and safely and retrieve any of them instantly at any time. This software can save countless hours for document imaging projects and can be customized to fit specific needs. Continue reading

Pawn Shop Pro

This is a pawn shop management system that will simplify record keeping, billing, and inventory management. If there is something specific that you need for your pawn shop the software can be modified to suit your needs. Continue reading

Human Resource Managment

A simple and efficient system for tracking and reporting human resources in any organization. Improve record keeping while making normal human resource related tasks easier, faster and reducing error. Continue reading

Employee Time Tracking

This software is an easy and useful way to track customers, projects, tasks, and resources over time and create reports from this information. Continue reading