Dictation Notepad



Dictation Notepad is a simple app for dictating and sending notes using an android powered device. It leverages speech recognition technology to accurately transform speech to text and it allows formatting and editing of the text using voice commands. The audio is recorded and encoded to a small file size and saved along with the text. The text (in html html format) and audio can be configured to send to variety of destination protocols (SMTP, FTP/S, HTTP/S) with a user specified host.


The basic purpose for this app is to simplify and streamline creation and delivery of notes and contribute to improved organization. It enables truly mobile dictation, transcription, and sending simply and intuitively

The process to follow to create and dictate a note is simple and is described below:

1.) Create a Note.

Click the “New Note” button.

The application will create a blank note with no formatting (below left) and, allows the user to either type/format directly in the note (below right).

2.) Dictate the Note

Dictation is started by touching the “Dict” button and stopped with the “Stop” button (below). Words and sentences spoken while dictation is enabled will be transformed into text and the audio is recorded.

3.) Send the Note

When the note is complete just touch the “Done” button and the audio segments are combined and encoded, the text prepared and everything is sent via an email app or to pre-configured destination such as note review staff.

Settings and Configuration

There is a settings menu option that can be used to enter app settings for send destination. If nothing is set here the default email app will be used with the default device account to send the dictation and note.