Mobile Data System

EM Systems’ Mobile Data System (MDS) provides multi-agency mobile data communications interoperability. The system provides mobile users the ability to perform onsite data checks, including plate checks, driver checks, vehicle data checks, and name checks. The system also provides detailed information on the complaint, allows the user to view all units and their status, and enables the user to send and receive messages from other users.

As with the Police mobile system, the Fire and EMS mobile receives real time call information and updates including location, call type, responders, location warnings, history and contacts. The system includes the ability to track hospital information including all relevant times. Additional information such as hydrant locations and ProQA data is also available thereby providing all responders with the critical call information most important to their respective agency.

The system also includes EM Systems’ messaging system (Chatter). This facilitates easy cross-agency communication via text messaging. Chatter can be configured to include Police, Fire and EMS messaging groups.

  • Wireless multi-agency interoperable data communications of real-time dispatch and complaint information
  • Onsite data checks (including name, plate, driver, vehicle, wants / warrants)
  • Police reporting module to enter information into RMS from the field
  • View all available units and their status
  • Send and receive messages from other units / agencies
  • Supports AirCard and / or Packet Radio Modem RF Technology
  • Dispatch link (compliant and status updates)