Jail Management System

EM Systems’ Jail Management System (JMS) is designed to effectively assist in the management of a detention facility of any size. The system can operate independently or as a component of EM Systems’ Law Enforcement Management System (LEMS). It can also be integrated with other justice information systems from third-party vendors. As with all EM Systems’ software, the JMS can be customized to meet the unique needs of your agency.

The JMS is an intuitive, windows-driven application providing tools to track both inmate and facility data. This information can be critical to the user in making key decisions about all aspects of incarceration. Decisions about where to place an inmate can be based upon such things as their risk level and gang affiliations. Available data can assist in identifying inmates who may be eligible for early release or other programs.

From booking, court dates and sentencing through release, inmate data is tracked and maintained in the JMS eliminating the need for duplicate paperwork and data entry throughout the process. The system shares a master name file with the records management system (RMS) providing access to data that may already be in the system.

Data maintained in the JMS includes:

  • Booking/inmate processing.
  • Personal identifiers and descriptors.
  • Emergency contacts and aliases.
  • Mug shots.
  • Medical information.
  • Incarceration details including cell, block and qualifier data.
  • Officer information (arresting, transporting, releasing, etc.).
  • Court information including court dates, charges, class and degree of the offense.
  • Sentencing information including time, fines, surcharges, etc.
  • Logs to track movement of inmates.
  • Free text fields for remarks.

System features include:

  • Facilitates booking procedures.
  • Access to historical data.
  • Medical and suicide screening.
  • Release date calculations and processing.
  • Property and custody management.
  • Powerful search capabilities.
  • Automated reporting.