Computer Aided Dispatch

EM Systems’ CAD program is designed for use by an unlimited number of police, fire, and emergency medical services (EMS) agencies in a single or multi-agency environment. The system provides complaint and incident mapping, real-time tracking of vehicles, field communications, and alerts to potential hazards at an address.

Our CAD system can accept data from the E911 and AVL system and uses the GIS interface to display both calls for service and police unit locations on a map. The dispatcher can interact directly with the map to view incidents and unit information, validate call locations, and update unit status.

System features include:

  • Real-time Call Taking / Dispatching
  • Complaint and Incident Mapping
  • 911 Interface
  • Field Communications
  • Messaging and Bulletin Boards
  • Alerts and Hazards Notification
  • Supports Silent Dispatch
  • Integration with LEMS

Computer Aided Dispatch System.