Electronic Medical Records System


Electronic Medical Records


Emergent.MD is an easy-to-use, full-featured, state-of-the-art Electronic Medical Records System. It works with just about any practice. It interfaces with your existing Practice Management System. And, we’ll tailor it to fit your unique workflow requirements.


Emergent.MD consists of the following modules:

  • Patient Charts: You can access a patient’s chart with a single click. Or view chart documents chronologically or by chart category.
  • Patient Visits: You can track patient appointments from admission to discharge; view appointments by provider, by complaint, by exam room, by appointment time, by waiting time. And optimize the patient check-out system.
  • Document Management: Getting started is easy. We’ve simplified the scanning and categorizing of your existing chart documents. Then you’ll be able to create new documents using a variety of methods including voice recognition, transcription, point and click, templates, forms, etc. Chart documents can be faxed or emailed directly to or from a patient’s chart, eliminating the need for paper.
  • Templates: You can choose predefined templates and forms from our library, or use our template builder to edit or create your own.
  • Messages and Task List: You can manage communications with our electronic messaging system.; tag documents needing follow up, then assign them to yourself or a colleague; and view your open task assignments.
  • System Administration: With the proper credentials, you will be able to build code tables, create users, assign permissions, and monitor the proper operation of the system.


So why not choose both!

You can add EMR, yet retain your current PM software.


You’ll get a proven package, yet we’ll tailor it to fit your practice.


You’ll get software that’s powerful yet affordable; functional yet simple to use.


Emergent.MD: Upgrade both patient care and your bottom line.